I discovered the company Unicorn Crate through their beautiful instagram page, and I was instantly smitten. I am, it may surprise you to learn, All About The Unicorns, and also All About The Books. The combination of the two was too much for my little primitive brain.

Unfortunately, due to being based in the USA, the shipping cost of each crate is almost as much as the cost of the crate itself, which made the purchase prohibitive on a regular basis. I resigned myself to skulking around the instagram page and pining.

That was until they announced a special edition crate to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of The Last Unicorn, replete with new, hardcover edition of the book. That’s when I classified it under ‘birthday present for myself’ and bought it.

Who are they?

Unicorn Crate was founded by Naomi Farr, a freelance editor and writer, to bring a selection of YA fantasy books to readers. Based in the USA, the boxes can be shipped around the world and contain a mixture of brand new releases and exclusive bookish goodies from independent creators.

What’s the cost?

A monthly subscription to the full crate will set you back $36.95, a three month subscription comes in at $105.30, and six months will cost you $203.96. It’s worth noting, however, that these prices do not include shipping, which to the UK is $23.95 per crate, so remember to budget for that.

If you sign up for a subscription and want to skip a month because your TBR is too big, or the theme doesn’t appeal to you, you can do this through the ‘Delivery Schedule’ options in your account.

You will be billed on the 1st of the month for your subscriptions, and boxes are usually shipped out around the 20th of the month. Multi-month subscriptions automatically renew, but single-box purchases do not. The crates often sell out, however, so it’s good to get in early when a new crate is announced if you don’t want to miss out.

Starting from January 2019, you can also get a smaller version of the box for $23.00. Presently this is only available as a one-off purchase, but may become available more regularly if there is enough interest. This includes the book, a bookmark, and one or two smaller items which would be included in the main crate.

You can also purchase past boxes if any are available, and individual items from crates are often available through the online store, even if there isn’t enough for the full box.

The Box

Naturally shipping to the UK took a little longer than to within the USA, which meant I got slightly spoiled for the contents, but honestly it didn’t ruin the excitement when the box finally arrived.


I thought it was a really beautiful package. I love the trend for on-brand boxes – Book Box Club have updated theirs to a lovely bright teal colour since I reviewed them, and Fairy Loot boxes are so instantly recognisable. Excellent branding, 10/10.

I don’t know if this is because the box sizing in the USA is different (I’m looking at you, A4 paper sizes), but the actual package was quite a bit smaller than the Book Box Club crate, although still jam packed with goodies. Possibly this sounds odd, but I found the package size quite pleasing – it felt neat and compact. And it was covered in unicorns.


As with Book Box Club, it was packaged beautifully, and unwrapping it felt like a real treat, with purple tissue concealing sparkly, springy packing… doodads.


The treats were gorgeous too. The candle, by the Whiskey Diamond Candle Co., smells beautiful, I’m looking forward to burning it, and it’s so sparkly. The art print is stunning. I’m not a tea drinker myself, but the tin it came was really lovely and I was very impressed with the quality of it as a package.


Everything inside the pack fit beautifully with the theme. The only disappointment was the book, which was red when anyone could see that it should be purple. I actually had a few other disappointing feelings about the book, but that’s an issue for another post – and entirely not the fault of the crate. The book itself was wrapped neatly in plastic to protect it, and then placed inside a branded book sleeve as well for extra protection.


What’s the Verdict?

I loved it. Everything about this box spoke of a real care and quality to the items selected, and the way they were packaged. Looking through the goodies from previous boxes, this seems to be continually the case (I was coveting the beautiful fox infinity scarf from an earlier box). The only thing preventing me from subscribing more regularly is the cost of postage – I just can’t justify spending nearly as much as the box again to ship it to me. This isn’t anything the company can deal with, however, but if you are based in the USA, or want a really nice treat then it is worth it.


Anything else?

The full box for January’s ‘Fairy Tale Favourites’ theme has sold out, but there are still small boxes available. Also, there are some older boxes still available for purchase if any of those pique your interest. New themes are announced on instagram and through the mailing list.

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