DIRECTORY: Non-London Publishers

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The ‘London Bias’ of publishing is something which is regularly brought up. Following my soapbox the other month, I thought I would put my money where my mouth is and provide a directory of non-London publishers.

There are some caveats – as these publishers are generally independent, they are much smaller than the London-based media companies. That means they are often not able to pay as large a salary, there are fewer jobs, and they may not be able to offer internships or work experience. Where this has been explicitly stated, I have tried to note that.

However, many of these publishers are award-winning, industry leading, and creatively exciting, publishing high quality books and exciting works. They also often provide key representation for marginalised voices, promoting work from communities who are overlooked in the wider industry.

This directory is an organic thing – if I have missed a publisher, or a publisher is no longer in business, please let me know and I will update this with new information.

Aside from Publishers, there are also a number of excellent resources which I used to help compile this list, and which would be valuable to check out:

Publishing Scotland already has an extremely comprehensive list of publishers in Scotland, which is why I have not featured any Scottish publishers on this list.  The same goes for Northern Ireland, whose list I cross-referenced with the publishers I found and realised I was just reinventing the wheel. Northern Ireland and Scotland are clearly On It in terms of making publishing accessible.

It would also be worth checking out the Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook, which also lists literary agencies and is updated annually. This does require a paid subscription for online access, and the up to date hard copy edition costs approximately £25.

These have been grouped broadly by geographical location, but my geography is pretty hazy. So if there are any strange jumps, that’s on me.





  • Igloo Books, Northamptonshire
  • The Alchemy Press, West Midlands
  • The Emma Press, Birmingham
  • NewCon Press, Alconbury, Cambridgeshire



  • Arkbound Foundation, Bristol
    • Academic and research publishing on economics, ecology, biology, political science, and physics
  • Impress Books, Exeter



  • Lagan Press, Belfast
  • Colourpoint Books, Newtownards
    • Publishing servies, as well as owning other companies which publish educational, transport and general interest books.

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