REVIEW: Herland – Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Author: Charlotte Perkins Gilman UK Publisher: This is now public domain, so it can be got for free from Project Gutenberg. There are also various editions available from different publishers, but I found the kindle edition from Project Gutenberg very readable. Genre: Speculative fiction, feminist literature, classics I can't even remember how I heard about … Continue reading REVIEW: Herland – Charlotte Perkins Gilman

REVIEW: The Psychology of Time Travel – Kate Mascarenhas

Author: Kate Mascarenhas (twitter / website) UK Publisher: Head of Zeus Genre: Science fiction, murder mystery Release Date: 9th August 2018 1967 -Four female scientists invent a time travel machine. They are on the cusp of fame: the pioneers who opened the world to new possibilities. But then one of them suffers a breakdown and puts … Continue reading REVIEW: The Psychology of Time Travel – Kate Mascarenhas

REVIEW: How (not) To Date A Prince – Zoe May

Author: Zoe May (website / twitter) UK Publisher: HQ Digital Genre: Romance, contemporary fiction After being jilted at the altar, high-flying journalist Sam doesn’t believe in love any more – and she certainly doesn’t believe in fairy tales! So, when she’s asked to cover the Royal Wedding, it’s the lastthing she wants to do. And when … Continue reading REVIEW: How (not) To Date A Prince – Zoe May

REVIEW: From Darkest Skies – Sam Peters

Author: Sam Peters (twitter) UK Publisher: Gollancz Genre: Sci-Fi, crime thriller After a five year sabbatical following the tragic death of his wife and fellow agent Alysha, Keon Rause returns to the distant colony world of Magenta to resume service with the Magentan Intelligence Service. With him he brings an artificial recreation of his wife's personality, … Continue reading REVIEW: From Darkest Skies – Sam Peters