A trend which is on the rise, and which I am rather happy about, is book subscription boxes.

I have no idea where the subscription box trend started – was it Sephora? Birchbox? Those are the first I remember hearing about, for make-up, giving people an affordable way to try out products that were usually out of budget. Now you can get them for everything – D&D dice, stationery, socks, and books.

I have always been tempted but budgetary restrictions prevented me from splurging, so when Book Box Club offered a 50% discount on new orders for June I lept at the chance. Swag!

Who are they?

Book Box Club was founded by Kate Morris-Double and Libby Harris, and sent its first boxes out in July 2016. It specialises in YA books across all genres, and advises a 14+ age limit on subscribers because of the content of some of these books.

What’s the cost?

Book Box Club offer two subscription options – the full package, and a books only subscription.  From 25th July, a full subscription will set you back £28.99 per month, £82 for three months (£27.33 per month), or £156 for six months (£26 per month). The Purely Books plan prices out at £40 for three months (£13.33 per month), £75 for six months (£12.50 per month) and £145 for a year (£12.08 per month). It is not possible to buy a single month’s subscription on the Purely Books plan.

Payments are taken on the 25th of the month, and boxes are shipped on the 15th. If you subscribe up to the 6th of a month, you will get your box the same month, from the 7th onwards, you’ll be put into the next month’s mailing. Subscription packages automatically renew, however you can cancel your plan from your account at any time.

The Box

As with every subscription box – or so it seems – Book Box Club have a monthly theme. The one for June was ‘Bad Girls’. It arrived packaged securely, and it perfect condition.


Opening it up, I found some delightfully coloured packing material, and all my items packed neatly and topped with a handwritten envelope. There’s something very pleasing about a well-packed box, and the paper packing material (recyclable!) was exciting to dig through to find the goodies.



I was extremely lucky in that my first box actually contained a bonus book proof, so I got two books for the price of one. The main book for the mailing – All Of This Is True by Lygia Day Peñaflor – was also wrapped in a lovely paper and string package, to give an extra surprise. It also came with a signed book plate from the author which I could stick inside.

The flyer which came with the box also listed where all the items came from, which was great because it meant that I can easily find the creators again should I want to. The shower gel smells amazing, and I’m not usually a fan of coconut, and the pencil tin was full of jelly beans, which were delicious. I love the pencil as well, I had been thinking fondly about Yikes! pencils (remember those?) recently, and thinking I missed the style and colour combos. This is pretty close.

I also got a really cute memo pad and a fantastic art print. I am weak for Alice in Wonderland, and I love seeing art that is so unequivocally in the artist’s personal style, so I was really pleased with that.


Inside the handwritten envelope were the details for the book club discussion boards which are available to subscribers through the Book Box Club website. I, personally, was not too bothered about that, but I love the idea that the box can also help you connect to a wider community.

Everything was so on-theme and well-chosen, receiving it felt really special and like I was actually getting an amazing present in the post. I felt chuffed to bits for days after it arrived.

What’s the Verdict?

I loved it. This was my first experience of a subscription service, but it has set the bar very high. I found the website very user-friendly, and the product was great. I spent the better part of a week keeping it all in the box because it felt so exciting and I liked looking at my stash.

Anything else?

The theme for the July 2018 box is ‘Witchcraft’, and you still have time to subscribe for that up until the 6th July. This is also the last month on their old pricing system of £27.99 for a single box, and if you want to get the 6 month subscription, that will lock the lower price in place for longer!

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