BLOG: October, November and December Round-Up

The last few months of 2019 were particularly hectic for me – at the end of October I was in a car accident when someone ran into the back of me, and while it was comparatively minor (I survived, my car was less lucky) it felt like the next two months were eaten up entirely with physio appointments, insurance admin, and trying to find a new car, and then colds and coughs that just wouldn’t go away. From there we rolled into birthdays and Christmas and the various commitments which come with them, and so I took a short break at the end of the year to get back ahead of things and also to just rest.

So here are the posts from the end of 2019, and I’m looking forward to a new decade full of more wonderful books!

Book Reviews

Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow – Jessica Townsend

I’d had the proof for this book for literally two years and it just kept sliding down my list. It’s fantastic, and I’m glad I finally got around to reading it. Whimsical and magical, it’s a wonderful book.

Leonard and Hungry Paul – Ronan Hession

I don’t read a lot of literary fiction which doesn’t tend towards the speculative, but this is really quite charming. It’s the definition of Up-Lit, and is so wholesome and gentle it’s worth checking out if you want to carve a bit of calm into your life.

Bloodlust and Bonnets – Emily McGovern

I’d been ogling this book since it was announced, and it’s an absolute delight. Lord Byron being Extra, vampires, and some of the best joke delivery I’ve seen in a graphic novel.

Legendary – Stephanie Garber

I’d put off picking this off because I enjoyed but didn’t love the first one. I was mistaken, because I loved this one and now immediately want to read book three.

Tuesday Mooney Wore Black – Kate Racculia

I was really quite charmed by this slightly gothic, very warm, not-quite-murder-mystery book. Not least because I was deep in a Vincent Price Halloween Marathon, and this book kept referencing it.

Trail of Lightning – Rebecca Roanhorse

I adored this book. A post-climate-apocalypse fantasy, based on Native American mythology and culture. It’s got an incredible female narrative character, and some spectacular kick-ass moments.

Battlestar Suburbia – Chris McCrudden

This is a book which takes Sci-Fi and applies it to the mundanity of life. You never see vacuum cleaners or bread makers in SF, but McCrudden takes the glory of the space opera and brings it to the level of individual people. It’s funny and poignant and really very clever.

Battle Beyond the Dolestars (Battlestar Suburbia #2) – Chris McCrudden

Unsurprisingly the sequel takes this poignancy even further, exploring the characters’ identities more in the new world they’ve forged for themselves. Book one was about having the right to lead your own life, but book two is working out what life is right for you. Also some jokes in this are built up over so long and then just dropped so casually they catch you by surprise and I love it.

Smoke in the Sun (Flame in the Mist #2) – Renée Ahdieh

I feel I perhaps should have read this straight after book one for it to have the full impact instead of spacing them out and trying to save it. It’s a good ending, but it felt a little rushed without the build-up of part one.

The Perfect Dress – Louise Leaman

This is a cute, easy-to-read romance, but its strength is really in the description of the dresses and the stories behind them, which I feel is a little under utilised.

First Term at Malory Towers – Enid Blyton

I found my old Enid Blyton books in my mum’s loft and spent a nostalgic bit of time discovering I ship Darrell and Mary-Lou.


I didn’t write much in the way of blogs towards the end of the year, mostly focusing on getting my reviews done, but for some of my earlier stuff, check out my August and September Round-Up.

Thank you to everyone who has read and visited my blog over the last two years (that’s right, I’m two years old now!) – I hope that you have enjoyed my work, and I’m grateful to every one of you. If you ever have any questions or requests, please let me know, I’d love to hear from you!

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