REVIEW: Holiday – C. Barton

Holiday C Barton

Author: C. Barton

UK Publisher: Self-Published

Genre: Novella, erotica

Buy now: paperback (also available as an ebook for free on KindleUnlimited, or £2.24 to purchase)

After yet another disastrous Christmas with her family, Diana returns to her empty apartment in NYC and decides to finally take her hot neighbor, Nathan, up on his constant flirtations. But Diana is about to get much more than she bargained for when she realizes Nathan already has plans for the evening, plans involving a certain long haired man who Diana has fantasized about for months.

Now that Christmas is over, and things are starting to wind down (or as you recover from a your NYE celebrations), I thought I would take a moment to plug a book which a friend of mine wrote last year. Perhaps I may be biased, but she is an excellent writer and her erotica is pitch-perfect.

The story starts in a way many will be familiar with – a young woman, home for the holidays, clashing with her mother and counting down the hours until she can get back to her own life, which she is perfectly happy with, even if she is not in a relationship – something her mother can’t understand. Diana is extremely relatable, and the frustrations which build as she spends time with her mother are understandable. I personally felt my own frustrations rising as the story wore on, and was extremely pleased when Diana gives it all up and goes home early.

Of course, that’s simply the beginning of the story – driven by her irritations and spurred into recklessness, Diana decides to knock on the door of her sexy neighbour and take him up on what she assumed was an invitation for sex. It wasn’t, but was in fact an invitation to spend Christmas with his family and friends – a rowdy, informal affair so different from her own. She feels humiliated and out of sorts, but is quickly put at ease.

Barton writes the interplay between people so well, and each of the characters has their own ticks and traits which flesh them out just that little bit more. Diana, as the narrator, has a very likeable voice and is easy to feel at home with. So, as the guests trickle away leaving Nathan, Diana, and Nathan’s friend David – a regular… ‘visitor’ to the apartment block – the shift in tone seems easy from relaxation to something more sensual.

The main point of this novella is the sex. And Barton writes sex so well. It is erotic and enjoyable, relaxed and sensual. The key thing I need to enjoy erotica is to feel like all the parties involved are comfortable and happy, and enjoying themselves. The act of reading is so involving, and you are so close to the action, that if anything is out of place or uncomfortable it can really stick in the craw or spoil the appeal (see Daughter of Light and Shadows).

This whole novella is self-indulgent and relaxing, a shameless treat for the holiday season, when you really have nothing better to do than unwind and do what makes you happy. If you are wanting something a bit naughty, a bit smutty, and still intelligent and well-written, you wouldn’t go far wrong by trying this one.

I feel like it would be wrong to rate this as I do my other reviews as I do know the author personally, so I have to acknowledge my own preference, but I can say this – she has got me to read a number of things over the years which would otherwise be out of my interest or even comfort zone, and every time I have felt the subject has been handled delicately, sensitively and with a skilled narrative hand. She is an extremely talented writer, and £2.24 isn’t much to pay at all for something which will definitely provide you with a couple of hours of fun.


  • Eloquently written, intelligent smut.
  • A relateable, strong female lead, who is sympathetic and able to go after what she wants.
  • If you like your erotica naughty, fluent and consensual then this is the metaphorical pot of gold.


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