BLOG: Bookish Fashion #1 – Dresses and Skirts

My graduation is coming up – okay, in July, but it’s good to be prepared – and I have been considering my outfit whenever I have a spare moment, because there’s nothing like being a stereotype of my gender.

Because I did a Publishing degree, I have decided that I wanted to make sure that there is no possible doubt that I LIKE BOOKS, and started browsing for book themed clothing. Finding exactly what I wanted has proven surprisingly tricky. So, to help any future bookishly-minded fashionistas, I have compiled this list.

image copyright LindyBop

Where to Buy: LindyBop

Price: £38.00

Pros: Pockets, clearly book prints, flattering cut, UK based company

Cons: Side zip (aka Satan’s fastening), synthetic fabric

Personal thoughts: This is a bit busier than what I am looking for, although the cut is ideal, but overly synthetic fabrics give my static electricity powers.


Image of Book dress UK,Favourite Book, Literature Dress by Rooby Lane

image copyright Rooby Lane

Where to Buy: Rooby Lane

Price: £135.00

Pros: custom made to order, can get print from your favourite book making it personal, independent designer so very responsible consumerism, UK based.

Cons: More expensive because it isn’t bulk made, exposed back zip which is not a look I am keen on, no pockets, only lined on the bodice.

Personal thoughts: I love the idea of this, but the skirt falls in a place which would be unflattering for me, equally true of the neckline and sleeves – I would prefer something with capped sleeves and a scoop or v-neck, with a smoother transition to the skirt. Rooby Lane does also have a lovely selection of dresses and skirts with other book themes, well worth checking out.


image copyright Joanie Clothing

Where to Buy: Joanie Clothing

Price: £38.00

Pros: Lovely booky print, very cute Peter Pan collar.

Cons: 100% polyester, no pockets

Personal thoughts: Peter Pan collars are so cute, and the sleeves are perfect, but I would be Captain Lightning if I wore this. Also, a lot of the reviews say the buttons have a habit of popping open randomly, which is not super graduation appropriate.


image copyright ClothesHorseClothing

Where to Buy: ClothesHorseClothing on Etsy

Price: £91.91 (as of 3rd April 2018)

Pros: Super cute print, pockets, neat tie belt, independent designer.

Cons: US-based, not my favourite neckline.

Personal thoughts: I prefer a more tailored look in a dress, but this would be perfect for summery days.


image copyright Unique Vintage

Where to Buy:Unique Vintage

Price: £55.57 (approx, as of 3rd April 2018)

Pros: Pockets, cute print, flattering cut, 100% cotton.

Cons: US based, the blouse is separate from the dress.

Personal thoughts: Without a blouse, I think the cut of the sleeves would be unflattering to me, but otherwise I totally love this. I have bought a few things from Unique Vintage in the past and they do nice stuff, but the shipping is quite steep, alas.


image copyright PicknMix

Where to Buy: PicknMix on Etsy

Price: £35.00 starting price

Pros: UK based designer, independent designer, made to order, beautiful print, and I love that nice thick waistband.

Cons: No pockets (look I love pockets)

Personal thoughts: This shop has a lot of beautiful skirts with gorgeous fabrics, in particular an amazing range of Harry Potter themed skirts. They are pictured over a petticoat which makes them look more full than I would like, I would be interested to see how they fall without the floof.


book dress

Where to Buy: Sarsparilly

Price: £158.58 in GBP (approx, as of 3rd April 2018)

Pros: Lovely print, flattering neckline and capped sleeves, pockets, 100% cotton, made to order.

Cons: Based in Australia, 8-10 weeks turnaround time.

Personal thoughts: This material is the same print as the shift dress above, but with a really nice neckline. The shipping costs from Australia are unfortunately steep, but they do also do some gorgeous Hogwarts house dresses too – all with pockets!

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