BLOG: NerdsLikeMe Tumblr Editing Offer

Over the summer, NerdsLikeMe finally joined Tumblr! If you enjoy my posts, you can now subscribe on tumblr to get them delivered straight to your dashboard, as well as to your twitter timeline. I’m also making a point of sharing any interesting writing advice or book recommendations I find on tumblr, and collecting it on the NLM page.

Partly to celebrate joining tumblr, and partly because I am currently working as a freelancer, I am offering an editorial package deal for any writers who want advice on their work.

For £40, I will:

– Read the first three chapters or 15,000 words of your story, and a complete synopsis of the whole work

– Provide in-text notes on your writing and language

– Provide overall feedback on your tone, story structure, plot, and characters

– Discuss any questions you have on this feedback either via email or a call

You can contact me through tumblr, or through the website.

You can send me your documents once you have a slot, and we can arrange payment and feedback as necessary.

I love working with stories and writers, and making books the best they can be, so I hope you’ll be happy to work with me, and I look forward to hearing from you! There’s currently no limit on places, but I will let you know my availability when you get in touch.

If you have any other editorial needs, please let me know and we can have a chat about what you need and what your budget is, so please do drop me a line!

I also opened up a Ko-Fi page! If you don’t need any editorial help, but would like to pitch in and there are any elements of publishing you would like to know about, I’d be happy to take requests for blog posts through there.

Recommendations from previous clients


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