BLOG: Bookish Fashion #2 – Bags

Once you are all dressed up in your bookish dresses and/or skirt, naturally you need a coordinating accessory in which to store all the books you are currently reading, along with a variety of notebooks and pens, because we should never leave the house without one of those.

Yoshi Book Bag

Image copyright Yoshi

Where to Buy: Yoshi

Price: £90.00

Notes: Interior pockets, a good size, and available in three colours. There’s also a matching purse! Both are leather, which rules it out as an option for vegans, but otherwise it’s quite lovely.


Disaster Designs Book Club

Image copyright Temptation Gifts/Disaster Designs

Where to Buy: Temptation Gifts

Price: £32.36

Notes: Part of a series called ‘Book Club’ by Disaster Designs, there are also purses and clutch bags which are available. The lining is book print, which is gorgeous, and there are several pockets, including one handy zip pocket in the centre. Made from faux leather, this is vegan-friendly and very pretty.


Books not Boys

Image copyright John Allison/TopatoCo

Where to Buy: Scary-Go-Round’s TopatoCo

Price: $20.00 USD

Notes: Whilst this is provided through a US website, the creator, John Allison, is a British comic writer and artist – of Scary-Go-Round, Bad Machinery, and Giant Days. I love everything he makes, I have a stash of t-shirts from his store, and I am coveting at least another two. And what beats a tote bag?


Bibliophile Tote

Image copyright The Literary Gift Company

Where to Buy: The Literary Gift Company

Price: £10.99

Notes: The Literary Gift company do lots and lots of lovely book themed gifts – they’re a go-to for stocking fillers at Christmas for me. As mentioned, there’s no such thing as too many tote bags in the book industry, which is great because they sell LOADS.


rather be reading

Image copyright Fable and Black

Where to Buy: Fable and Black

Price: £8.00

Notes: Too many tote bags, too little time. Fable and Black specialise in literary themed gifts, including pin badges, stationary and other pretty things. A decent price too, and a large selection of lovely designs.


book backpack

Image copyright ThinkGeek

Where to Buy: ThinkGeek

Price: Full price $59.99 USD, but currently on sale for $14.99 (April 2018)

Notes: This is such a cute bag, and gives me a real Bookmaster vibe. There is also a messenger bag which is amazing. It zips open fully flat to reveal a laptop pocket, and places to stash your stationery. Downside, international shipping for an item this size will be somewhat steep.


Image copyright BookLoverGifts

Where to Buy: BookLoverGifts

Price: £6.99

Notes: As well as the usual range of Penguin Classics tote bags, this place also has a small selection of quite fun totes for sale for a pretty reasonable price; along with some beautiful scarves for those in the market for literary neckwear.


'Book Club Wine Club' Tote Bag

Image copyright NotOnTheHighStreet/Kelly Connor Designs

Where to Buy: NotOnTheHighStreet

Price: £13.95

Notes: As with a lot of things on NotOnTheHighStreet, a bit pricier than some equivalent products; however since starting to move into a publishing career, nothing has yet convinced me that the above statement is not completely, 100% true.

Waterstones also have a decent selection of tote bags on their website, in a variety of styles, but be careful – it’s hard to browse there and not end up buying a book or two as well.

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