BLOG: Social Class in Publishing – Bookseller Survey Results

Today the Bookseller published the findings from a survey they conducted asking whether people from Working Class backgrounds felt they had been hindered in starting a publishing career, or whether their progression had been impacted. Shockingly, the answer was yes. Particularly noteworthy was that 91% of respondents felt that the London-centric nature of publishing was … Continue reading BLOG: Social Class in Publishing – Bookseller Survey Results

INTERVIEW: #OrionOnTour – Regional Diversity and Publishing

At the start of 2018, Orion books launched their #OrionOnTour initiative, which saw representatives from the publisher visiting places around the country to promote publishing as a career. After a weekend discussing regional diversity and the London bias of publishing at the 2018 SYP conference, it seemed fitting to highlight a publisher that is making … Continue reading INTERVIEW: #OrionOnTour – Regional Diversity and Publishing